Ye Sundial Booke

Томас Жоффрей Волл Генслоу Ye Sundial Booke
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2019 р.
Project Gutenberg
Томас Жоффрей Волл Генслоу
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Principally, I am indebted to the kindness and generosity of Mr. Francis Barker, of Clerkenwell, for his most valuable and interesting chapter upon the setting of the sundial, and also for the loan of numerous photographs and illustrations of various dials and gnomons. Mr. Barker's kindly help and interest has more than encouraged me in my undertaking, and his wide and valuable knowledge on gnomonics is well known.

My most sincere thanks are also due to the following firms who have so very kindly assisted me by permitting me to use in my book some beautiful illustrations of sundials designed and made for existing and future gardens z - Messrs. John P. White, Messrs. Pulham, Messrs. Joseph Cheal Son, Messrs. William Wood Son, Messrs. Knowltons, Messrs. H. W. Cashmore Co.

It is not possible to mention the names of all those who have so kindly assisted me in securing photographs of dials, or who have furnished me from time to time with any required information I will, therefore, but express my great gratitude for every kindness, and venture to hope that my book will meet with the approval of all.

If any reader finds it incumbent upon him to criticise adversely my verses or mottoes, let me here plead a generous consideration. Six hundred verses on one subject is a very big effort at any time, but how much more so when each verse is intended of itself to be a separate poem. Also, nearly all these verses have been written under the most trying conditions - during the stress of arduous undertakings, and hours devoid of comfort and surroundings congenial to a work of this description.

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