Voyage to Jupiter

Девід Моррісон Voyage to Jupiter
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2019 р.
Project Gutenberg
Девід Моррісон
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In the Sun’s necklace of planets, one gem far outshines the rest: Jupiter. Larger than all the other planets and satellites combined, Jupiter is a true giant. If intelligent beings exist on planets circling nearby stars, it is probable that Jupiter is the only member of our planetary system they can detect. They can see the Sun wobble in its motion with a twelve-year period as Jupiter circles it, pulling first one way, then the other with the powerful tug of its gravity. If astronomers on some distant worlds put telescopes in orbit above their atmospheres, they might even be able to detect the sunlight reflected from Jupiter. But all the other planets—including tiny inconspicuous Earth—would be hopelessly lost in the glare of our star, the Sun.

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