Through the Telescope

Джеймс Бейкі Through the Telescope
Джеймс Бейкі
Project Gutenberg
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2017 р.
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The main object of the following chapters is to give a brief and simple description of the most important and interesting facts concerning the heavenly bodies, and to suggest to the general reader how much of the ground thus covered lies open to his personal survey on very easy conditions. Many people who are more or less interested in astronomy are deterred from making practical acquaintance with the wonders of the heavens by the idea that these are only disclosed to the possessors of large and costly instruments. In reality there is probably no science which offers to those whose opportunities and means of observation are restricted greater stores of knowledge and pleasure than astronomy; and the possibility of that quickening of interest which can only be gained by practical study is, in these days, denied to very few indeed.

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