The New Astronomy

Семюел Пірпонт Ленглі The New Astronomy
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2021 р.
Project Gutenberg
Семюел Пірпонт Ленглі
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The visitor to Salisbury Plain sees around him a lonely waste, utterly barren except for a few recently planted trees, and otherwise as desolate as it could have been when Hengist and Horsa landed in Britain; for its monotony is still unbroken except by the funeral mounds of ancient chiefs, which dot it to its horizon, and contrast strangely with the crowded life and fertile soil which everywhere surround its borders. In the midst of this loneliness rise the rude, enormous monoliths of Stonehenge,—circles of gray stones, which seem as old as time, and were there, as we now are told, the temple of a people which had already passed away, and whose worship was forgotten, when our Saxon forefathers first saw the place.

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