The Destinies of the Stars

Сванте Август Арреніус The Destinies of the Stars
Сванте Август Арреніус
Project Gutenberg
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2018 р.
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Excerpt from The Destinies of the Stars

For valuable suggestions and for all the American equivalents of the metric measures in the original, the reader as well as the trans lator, is indebted to a member of the Pub lishing House that presents this volume in such an attractive way, Mr. E. W. Putnam, himself an ardent lover of astronomy and a writer on the subject.

Dr. Arrhenius is justly renowned for his lucid style and polished form. All that is lacking in these qualities within the covers of this volume is wholly due to the deficiencies of the translator, who however could not resist the temptation of transferring to Anglo Saxon soil this monument to the genius of his former teacher, Dr. Svante Arrhenius.

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