The Asteroids; Or Minor Planets Between Mars and Jupiter.

Деніел Кірквуд The Asteroids; Or Minor Planets Between Mars and Jupiter.
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2012 р.
Project Gutenberg
Деніел Кірквуд
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Excerpt from The Asteroids, or Minor Planets Between Mars and Jupiter

The rapid progress of discovery in the zone of minor planets, the anomalous forms and positions of their or bits, the small size as well as the great number Of these telescopic bodies, and their peculiar relations to Jupiter, the massive planet next efife'i'ibr, - all entitle this part Of the system to more particular consideration than it has hitherto received. The following essay is designed, therefore, to supply an Obvious want. Its results are given in some detail up to the date of publication. Part I. Presents in a popular form the leading historical facts as to the discovery of Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Astraea; a tabular statement of the dates and places of discovery for the entire group; a list of the names of discoverers, With the number of minor planets de tected by each; and a table of the principal elements so far as computed.

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