Telescopic Work for Starlight Evenings

Вільям Фредерік Деннінг Telescopic Work for Starlight Evenings
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2018 р.
Вільям Фредерік Деннінг
Project Gutenberg
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The instrument which has so vastly extended our knowledge of the Universe, which has enabled us to acquire observations of remarkable precision, and supplied the materials for many sublime speculations in Astronomy, was invented early in the seventeenth century. Apart from its special application as a means of exploring the heavens with a capacity that is truly marvellous, it is a construction which has also been utilized in certain other departments with signal success. It provided mankind with a medium through which to penetrate far beyond the reach of natural vision, and to grasp objects and phenomena which had either eluded detection altogether or had only been seen in dim and uncertain characters. It has also proved a very efficient instrument for various minor purposes of instruction and recreation. The invention of the telescope formed a new era in astronomy; and though, with a few exceptions, men were slow at first in availing themselves of its far-seeing resources, scepticism was soon swept aside and its value became widely acknowledged.

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