Stargazing: Past and Present

Норман Лок'єр Stargazing: Past and Present
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2016 р.
Project Gutenberg
Норман Лок'єр
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Опис: Excerpt from Stargazing: Past and Present

In the year 1870 I gave a course of eight Lectures on Instrumental Astronomy at the Royal Institution. The Lectures were taken down by a shorthand writer, my intention being to publish them immediately. In this, however, I was prevented by other calls upon my time.

In 1875 my friend Mr. Seabroke generously offered to take the burden of preparing the notes for the press off my shoulders; I avail myself of this opportunity of expressing my very great obligations to him for his valuable services in this particular as well as for important help in the final revision of the proofs.

On looking over the so completed MSS., however, I saw that the eight hours at my disposal had not permitted me to touch upon many points of interest which could hardly be omitted from the book. Besides this, the progress made in the various instrumental methods in the interval, and the results obtained by them, had been very remarkable.

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