Galileo and His Judges

Френсіс Вегг-Проссер Galileo and His Judges
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2020 р.
Project Gutenberg
Френсіс Вегг-Проссер
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Опис: There is no name in the annals of science which has been the occasion of so long and fierce a controversy as that of Galileo. The historian, the astronomer, and the theologian have all had a share in it. Some times there has been a pause in the strife, and the question has been allowed to rest; but after a while another disputant has rekindled the embers, and the struggle has recommenced. This has been the case within the last few years, some writers of considerable ability having appealed to the history of Galileo in order to give point to opinions that they wished to advance. During all this time, if there has been unfairness on one side, there have been injudicious zeal and inaccuracy on the other.

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