Agnes Mary Clerke and Ellen Mary Clerke: An Appreciation

Маргарет Ліндсей Хаггінс Agnes Mary Clerke and Ellen Mary Clerke: An Appreciation
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2020 р.
Project Gutenberg
Маргарет Ліндсей Хаггінс
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Опис: Lady Huggins in her original draft of the obituary notice of my sister Agnes, which appeared in the Astrophysical Journal, included some words of personal appreciation and of reference to her family which were omitted from the copy sent for publication, as being, possibly, somewhat beyond the scope of a purely scientific journal. At my request Lady Huggins has consented[vi] to the full original draft, with a few additions, being published for private circulation. She has also, to my great gratification, and entirely on her own initiative, taken this opportunity of adding an appreciation of my elder sister.

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