To Nuremberg and Back: A Girl's Holiday

Amy Neally To Nuremberg and Back: A Girl's Holiday
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2014 р.
Project Gutenberg
Amy Neally
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Опис: One day in the early spring, Alice Winter came home from school, and, after the usual question at the door, \"Is mamma at home?\" rushed upstairs, and found to her great surprise that her papa was at home, talking very earnestly to Mrs. Winter. When Alice came into the room, Mr. Winter stopped talking, and she wondered very much what they could have been talking about so earnestly, as all she heard was her papa asking, \"Do you think we had better take her with us?\" \"Why, papa! What is the matter? Are you going away? Are you sick? What made you come home so early?\" were the questions which Alice gave rapidly, without waiting for an answer. Mr. Winter said, \"Yes, dear, I am obliged to go to Nuremberg, Germany, on business immediately, and mamma is trying to make up her mind whether it is best for her to go with me. She does not like to leave you for so long a time, and we do not think it wise to take you with us, when you are getting on at school so nicely.\"

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