The Mathematical-Historical Principles and the Evolution of Liberty

Victor Jose Fernandez Bolivar The Mathematical-Historical Principles and the Evolution of Liberty
Project Gutenberg
Victor Jose Fernandez Bolivar
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Опис: It is a pleasure to present a work based on facets that discover, or once again manifest, the Liberator’s prodigious personality and work.

Providence, which seems to pamper the tasks of historians, since they are who best show God’s maximum work when studying men’s acts, has placed the inexhaustible quarry of Simon Bolivar's life and work before Venezuelans and foreigners. A long and deep historical process is condensed within his person. Like the great men of humanity to whose lineage the genial citizens of Caracas belong, the Bolivarian campaign becomes universal and overflows the limits of a whole continent to take the message of faith in liberty to men throughout the world.

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