The Ifs of History

Joseph Edgar Chamberlin The Ifs of History
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2010 р.
Project Gutenberg
Joseph Edgar Chamberlin
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Опис: A touch of history with a twist- what if something else happened and what we know happened did not?

A interesting concept in connection with the following events-

I. If Themistocles Had Not Beaten Aristides in an Athenian Election

II. If the Moors Had Won the Battle of Tours

III. If King Ethelred of England Had Not Married the Norman Emma

IV. If Columbus Had Kept His Straight Course Westward

V. If Queen Elizabeth of England Had Left a Son or Daughter

VI. If the Philarmonia Had Not Given Concerts at Vicenza

VII. If the Spanish Armada Had Sailed at Its Appointed Time

VIII. If Champlain Had Tarried in Plymouth Bay

IX. If Charles II Had Accepted the Kingship of Virginia

X. If Admiral Penn Had Persisted in Disowning His Son William

XI. If the Boy George Washington Had Become a British Midshipman

XII. If Alexander Hamilton Had Not Written About the Hurricane

XIII. If Lafayette Had Held the French Reign of Terror in Check

XIV. If Gilbert Livingston Had Not Voted New York into the Union

XV. If the Pirate Jean Lafitte Had Joined the British at New Orleans

XVI. If James Macdonnel Had Not Closed the Gates of Hugomont Castle

XVII. If Abraham Lincoln's Father Had Moved Southward, Not Northward

XVIII. If Skipper Jennings Had Not Rescued Certain Shipwrecked Japanese

XIX. If Orsini's Bomb Had Not Failed to Destroy Napoleon III

XX. If President James Buchanan Had Enforced the Law in November, 1860

XXI. If the Confederates Had Marched on Washington After Bull Run

XXI. If the Confederates States Had Purchased the East India Company's Fleet in 1861

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