The History Teacher's Magazine, Vol. I, No. 9, May, 1910

Various The History Teacher's Magazine, Vol. I, No. 9, May, 1910
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Опис: The scope and character of the elementary history course at Yale[1] is determined by a twofold necessity: first, that of giving a general survey of the main facts of historical development from the fall of the Roman Empire to modern times which shall be valuable in itself and profitable to the student, even though he were to pursue his historical studies no further; and second, that of providing a course which will fit into the general scheme of the history curriculum, and serve as an introduction to the more advanced courses which follow it. According to the present arrangement, the fields of English and American History are reserved for succeeding years, and as a result, the Freshman course is limited to the study of Continental European History, from 375 A.D. to 1870 or thereabouts.

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