The History of the Crusades (vol. 2 of 3)

Joseph Fr. Michaud The History of the Crusades (vol. 2 of 3)
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2015 р.
Project Gutenberg
Joseph Fr. Michaud
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Опис: Excerpt from History of the Crusades, Vol. 1 of 3

And we unhesitatingly claim a place among these for that which we are about to lay before the public. It were super uous to speak of the advantages derived from the science to which it belongs; and there can be no doubt that the Crusades form one of the most important sections of human history; not only instructive, but extraordinary; supplying abundance of edifying matter to the statesman, the philosopher, the poet, the novelist, and the citizen. If it be true that no page of history should be considered as a blank to the statesman, which leaf of her vast volume can he turn with much more promise of instruction? He will behold men, of powerful and ambitious minds, seizing upon the worst passions of various ages, - superstition, cupidity, and cruelty, - and wielding the energies of incredible multi tudes, in endeavours to work out their own ends and views. Many an invaluable lesson may he gather from the want of foresight, prudence, knowledge, and unanimity dis played in these astonishing enterprises whilst the causes of numerous effects now in Operation may be plainly traced to these eventful periods.

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