The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs. Volume 7 (of 7)

Arthur Thomas Malkin The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs. Volume 7 (of 7)
Arthur Thomas Malkin
Project Gutenberg
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Edward Coke, the only son of Robert Coke, of Mileham, in the county of Norfolk, and Winifred, daughter and one of the heirs of William Knightley, of Morgrave-Knightley, in the same county, was born at Mileham, February 1, 1551. He was descended, both by his father’s and his mother’s side, from ancient and opulent families. His father, who was a bencher of Lincoln’s Inn, died in the year 1561, when Edward Coke was ten years old. Before that event he had been sent to the Free Grammar School at Norwich, whence, in September, 1567, he removed to Cambridge, and was admitted as a fellow commoner at Trinity College.

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