The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs. Volume 4 (of 7)

Arthur Thomas Malkin The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs. Volume 4 (of 7)
Project Gutenberg
Arthur Thomas Malkin
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Опис: The Chancellor Daguesseau is said to have been descended from a noble family of the province of Saintonge; if so, he was careless of his privileges, for he never used between the two first letters of his name the comma, indicative of noble birth. He came however of distinguished parentage; for his grandfather had been First President of the Parliament of Bordeaux, and his father was appointed, by Colbert, Intendant of the Limousin, and subsequently advanced to the Intendancies of Bordeaux and of Languedoc. In the latter government he suggested to Colbert the grand idea of uniting the Ocean and the Mediterranean by means of that mighty work, the Canal of Languedoc.

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