The Deeds of God Through the Franks

Guibert Abbot of Nogent-sous-Coucy The Deeds of God Through the Franks
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Guibert Abbot of Nogent-sous-Coucy
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Опис: The four-year period (1095-1099) between the call for crusade by Pope Urban II at the Council of Claremont and the capture of Jerusalem produced a remarkable amount of historiography, both in Western Europe and in Asia Minor. Three accounts by western European eye-witnesses—an anonymous soldier or priest in Bohemund's army, Fulker of Chartres, and Raymond of Aguilers—provoked later twelfth-century Latin writers from various parts of what are now France, Germany, England, Italy, and the Near East, to take up the task of providing more accurate, more thorough, more interpretive, and better written versions of the events.

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