Secret Diplomacy: How Far Can It Be Eliminated?

Paul Samuel Reinsch Secret Diplomacy: How Far Can It Be Eliminated?
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2021 р.
Project Gutenberg
Paul Samuel Reinsch
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Опис: IS secret diplomacy the evil spirit of modern politics? Is it the force that keeps nations in a state of potential hostility and does not allow a feeling of confidence and of wholehearted co operation to grow up? Or is it only a trade de vice, a clever method Of surrounding with an aura of importance the doings of the diplomats, a race of men Of average wisdom and intelligence who traditionally have valued the prestige Of dealing with secret affairs of state? Or is it some thing less romantic than either Of these - merely the survival from a more barbarous age of in stincts of secretiveness and chicane acquired at a time when self-defense was the necessity of every hour?

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