Odd Bits of History: Being Short Chapters Intended to Fill Some Blanks

Henry William Wolff Odd Bits of History: Being Short Chapters Intended to Fill Some Blanks
Project Gutenberg
Henry William Wolff
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Опис: \"The Pretender Charles Edward resided here three years in a house which is still pointed out.\" So you may read in \"Murray,\" under the head of \"Bar-le-Duc.\" The information, which is apt to suggest inquiry to those who, like myself, are fond of picking up a little bit of neglected history on their travels, is, as it happens, not altogether accurate. For, in the first place, the \"Pretender\" who \"resided\" at Bar was not \"Charles Edward\" at all—could not have been \"Charles Edward,\" who was not born till five years after the Pretender who did reside there had left. In the second, so little is \"the house still pointed out\" that, on my first visit to Bar, in August, 1890, I could actually not find a soul to give me even the vaguest information as to its whereabouts. Even mine hostess of the \"Cygne,\" in whose stables, I afterwards discovered, some of the Pretender's horses had been put up, had never heard of our political exile. \"Cela doit être dans la Haute Ville\"—\"Cela doit être dans la Basse Ville\"—\"Eh bien, moi je n'en sais rien.\" Why should they know about the Pretender? There were no thanks, surely, due to him. While in the town, he had given himself intolerable airs, had put the town to no end of expense and all manner of trouble, and in the end had slunk away without so much as a word of thanks or farewell, leaving a heavy score of debts to be paid—and, up in a cottage perched on the very brow of the picturesque hill—for which some one else had to pay the rent—one pretty little Barisienne disconsolate, betrayed, disgraced. There was, in fact, but one man belonging to the town who had taken the trouble to trace the house from the description given in the local archives—a description, indeed, exact enough—M. Vladimir Konarski, and he was away on his holiday. There was nothing, then, for me to do, but to go home with an empty note-book, quoad Bar, and return in 1891 to resume my inquiry.

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