My Unknown Chum: "Aguecheek

Charles Bullard Fairbanks My Unknown Chum:
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Charles Bullard Fairbanks
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Опис: In 1878 a letter of introduction to Mr. S - of Detroit was instrumental in securing for me the close friendship of a man some twenty years my senior—a man of unusual poise of mind and of such superb character that I have ever looked upon him as a perfect type of Newman's ideal gentleman.

My new friend was fond of all that is best in art and literature. His pet possession, however, was an old book long out of print—\"Aguecheek.\" He spoke to me of its classic charm and of the recurring pleasure he found in reading and rereading the delightful pages of its unknown author, who saw in travel, in art, in literature, in life and humanity, much that other travellers and other writers and scholars had failed to observe—seeing all with a purity of vision, a clearness of intellect, and recording it with a grace and ease of phrase that suggest that he himself had perhaps been taught by the Angelic Doctor referred to in the closing lines of his last essay.

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