Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous

Sarah Knowles Bolton Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous
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Project Gutenberg
Sarah Knowles Bolton
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Опис: If America had been asked who were to be her most munificent givers in the nineteenth century, she would scarcely have pointed to two grocer's boys, one in a little country store at Danvers, Mass., the other in Baltimore; both poor, both uneducated; the one leaving seven millions to Johns Hopkins University and Hospital, the other nearly nine millions to elevate humanity. George Peabody was born in Danvers, Feb. 18, 1795. His parents were respectable, hard-working people, whose scanty income afforded little education for their children. George grew up an obedient, faithful son, called a \"mother-boy\" by his companions, from his devotion to her,—a title of which any boy may well be proud.

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