Letters of a Diplomat's Wife, 1883-1900

Mary King Waddington Letters of a Diplomat's Wife, 1883-1900
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Mary King Waddington
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...little, and settling myself, as we shall stay four or five days. Our departure from the Gare du Nord Thursday night was a curiosity. We got rather early to the station, as W. was preoccupied with the baggage, and besides there were last words to say to all the people who came to see us off. Henrietta, rather tearful, came with us to the station-Francis was so engrossed with his new railway train that was careering round on beautiful green rails in his father's study, that he was quite indifferent. The whole quai was filled with boxes and trunks labelled "Waddington, Moscow," and when you think that all the soldiers took their saddles and trappings of all kinds, and what the stable alone represented, 2 enormous gala carriages, one coupe d'Orsay, and all the heavy harness and servants' liveries, you can imagine what an excitement there was until everything was put on board. We started, however, fairly punctually-W. and I had a lit-salon, with cabinet de toilette; the two maids and W.'s man next door, and Sesmaisons and Francois de Corcelle (the only two who came with us, the rest of the Mission joins us Tuesday at Berlin), had their coupe next to..."

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