Henry Ford: Highlights of His Life

Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village Henry Ford: Highlights of His Life
Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
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Henry Ford spent his early life on a farm. He was born in a small frame house that stood in a grove a few miles from Detroit, near the River Rouge. On each side of the river were the farms of people who had come to the Middle West to get land of their own. Henry’s father, William Ford, was one of these early settlers.

The elder Ford came to America from Ireland in 1847, the year of the great potato famine in that country. He made his way to southern Michigan where he found work. At first, he labored on the railroad and then at the arsenal in Dearbornville. Later, he was a “hired hand” on the farm of Patrick O’Hern in Springwells Township. Here William Ford settled down. He purchased forty acres of land, and with his employer, Patrick O’Hern, built a farmhouse. In 1861 he married Mary Litogot, the foster daughter of O’Hern.

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