From Slave to College President: Being the Life Story of Booker T. Washington

Godfrey Holden Pike From Slave to College President: Being the Life Story of Booker T. Washington
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2008 р.
Project Gutenberg
Godfrey Holden Pike
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Опис: Just at the most severe crisis of the war between France and Germany, over thirty years ago, a London newspaper, in describing the situation, remarked that France wanted not men, but a Man. During a whole generation which followed after the close of the gigantic and sanguinary conflict between the Northern and Southern States of the American Republic, a similar remark would have applied to the millions of slaves who, though nominally free, were drifting hither and thither, now groping in the wrong direction altogether, or missing opportunities they might have embraced, had there but been one commanding personality in their midst to give the word and lead the way. There seemed to be too many negroes, while they were still increasing with a rapidity which inspired misgiving. The race seemed to be \"at sea\" for want of a Man. At length the much-needed chief or leader was found in Booker T.[Pg 2] Washington, whose distinguished work on behalf of the race at the great institution which he has founded at Tuskegee has given him a world-wide reputation. As a negro, his mission is to the men and women of his own nation.

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