Autobiography of Z. S. Hastings

Zachariah Simpson Hastings Autobiography of Z. S. Hastings
Рік видання:
2010 р.
Zachariah Simpson Hastings
Project Gutenberg
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asked me how far it was from Dan to BeerSheba, and then laughed at me because I did not know. He asked me if I had never heard the phrase "from Dan to BeerSheba." I told him it seemed to me that I did once hear an old preacher say something about a young man named Dan who was handsome and strong, but he got into a pretty dangerous place one time among some lions, but he came out all right, the preacher said, because he would never drink beer or wine or whiskey or anything that would make a man drunk. I do not think the examiner ever heard that story before, so he quit asking such irrelevant questions and got to business, asking about vowels an

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