As the Crow Flies: From Corsica to Charing Cross

Walter Phelps Dodge As the Crow Flies: From Corsica to Charing Cross
Walter Phelps Dodge
Project Gutenberg
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2014 р.
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IN Summer, particularly in travelling, one is very apt to prefer a simple glass of ice-cold lemonade-not too sweet, -to a bumper of burgundy or a tankard of ale; and it has been the author's experience that the mental processes are not unlikely to follow the example of the physical, in this particular. For this reason he is encouraged to submit these slight sketches of divers persons and places to an indulgent public. He may say that the sketch entitled "Sandringham House" has been submitted to the highest authority, and that its substance is approved by the Personage with whom it is chiefly concerned. W. P. D. NEW YORK, April 1st, 1893.

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