An Astronomer's Wife: The Biography of Angeline Hall

Angelo Hall An Astronomer's Wife: The Biography of Angeline Hall
Angelo Hall
Project Gutenberg
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2018 р.
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First. The public will want to listen, for everybody is interested in true stories Of real folks.

Secondly. While your grandmother was not the most wonderful woman that ever lived, she was a typical Ameri can. Her story possesses the charm and fascination of a. Romance, for she was a daughter of the pioneers - those ill fed and ill-clothed people who, in spite of their short comings, intellectual, moral, and physical, have been the most forceful race in history.

Thirdly. This story vindicates the higher education of women. Your grandmother, dear Peggy, was a Bachelor Of Arts. Now it is maintained in some quarters that women become bachelors so as to avoid having children. But your grandmother had four sons, every one Of whom she sent through Harvard College.

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