An Account of the Ladies of Llangollen

John Prichard An Account of the Ladies of Llangollen
John Prichard
Project Gutenberg
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Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Ponsonby were Irish ladies of rank and beauty, who loved each other with an affection so true that they could never bear the idea of the separation which the marriage of either would necessitate. They, therefore, resolved on lives of celibacy, and, refusing many handsome offers, fled from home. They were, however, overtaken and brought back to their respective relations. Many attempts were made to draw Miss Butler into marriage, but all were in vain. In a short time the ladies eloped again, each having a small sum with her; and it was said that, although Lady Eleanor arrived here in the natural aspect of a maid of 34, Miss Ponsonby accompanied her in the guise of a smart footman, in top boots and buskin breeches. It was about the year 1778 when these errant ladies visited Llangollen. While rambling along this charming locality, their eyes rested on a gentle eminence near the village, and there they resolved to fix their abode. They, accordingly, purchased the estate, built a new cottage on the site of the old one, laid out gardens, pleasure grounds, rural walks and bridges, by which they might enjoy the natural charms of this picturesque retreat. Their mode of life being very singular, and their costume still more so, they soon became noticed by the many travellers who passed through North Wales.

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