A Garden of Girls; Or, Famous Schoolgirls of Former Days

Mrs. Thomas Concannon A Garden of Girls; Or, Famous Schoolgirls of Former Days
Mrs. Thomas Concannon
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Across the plain, in the twilight, rode Flann with his noble guest-friends by his side, and his hunting train behind him. They had hunted all day in the woods to the south of the plain—on foot, as the old Irish custom was, while their horses grazed free in the forest glades, and the gillies guarded their masters’ trappings. Now, weary of limb themselves, they were astride their fresh steeds, and the miles that lay between them and the banqueting hall within the white Dún above the Liffey were miles of soft, springy turf. Even the trappers felt their heavy burdens light, as their feet touched it. They raced in time to the[10] joyous concert of the beagles, and the tinkling of the horse-bells—every man of them with his great wolf-dog at his side.

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