Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox: His Many Adventures

Richard Barnum Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox: His Many Adventures
Project Gutenberg
Richard Barnum
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Опис: Away up in the North Woods lived a family of foxes. They had big, bushy tails, like a dust brush, and they wore furry coats. Some of these furry coats were of a reddish-yellow color, and some of them a sort of gray. The foxes had long sharp noses and sharp teeth, and they were very sly and cunning, as they had need to be.

For a fox is not strong, like a lion or a tiger, and to get his food he must be quick and sly, and steal up when no one sees him, to get a fat duck or a chicken from the farmyard.

Now in this family of foxes, about which I am going to tell you, there was the father and mother, and three little ones. Mr. and Mrs. Fox were well grown, fleet of foot, and they could both see and smell danger a long way off, just as they could see and smell when they were near some farmer’s house, where they might get a chicken or a duck.

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